How to connect self-hosted Radarr/Sonarr to an Ultraseedbox seedbox.

This is a guide on how to setup the connection between your ultraseedbox and your radarr/sonarr. This is not a guide on settings up radarr/sonarr from scratch.

Table of Contents

Radarr/Sonarr settings

This is all the seedbox related settings you need inside Radarr/Sonarr

Download clients

Image that shows the download client settings in Radarr/Sonarr

Navigate to Settings > Download Clients and add a new download client.

Now we need to tell Radarr/Sonarr how to connect to the seedbox torrent service. This is done over HTTPS. You provide your seedbox URL, username, and password, then Radarr/Sonarr will be able to connect to the seedbox.

If you don’t know what your host information is, log onto your ultraseedbox control panel (ref link) and look under Services > Access details > HTTP access > the URL is your hostname. This is also where you can see your username for the HTTPS access and you can change the password.

Remote Path Mappings

Now you need to setup remote path mapping. This is done, so Radarr/Sonarr have a local path it can use for finding the files on your seedbox.

Host: Simply click and choose the seedbox you created before.
Remote Path: This is where the downloaded files are located on the seedbox.
There are multiple ways to find that path:
1. Log into your seedbox control panel > Services > > Slot info > Disk > Home folder. Then add \files to the homefolder path.
2. You can download a random movie, then FTP/SSH to your seedbox and try to find the movie. Then you will find the full path.
3. Log into your ruTorrent web interface goto Settings > Downloads > Default folder for downloads. All though mine is shown as ~\files. I don’t think Radarr/Sonarr accepts the ~ sign. So i think you need to convert that to a full path. ~ means your users home folder.
Local path:
This is the seedbox path mounted locally. In my case i use rclone to setup a sftp connection to the seedbox. Here is a guide on how to setup local path.

Remember, Radarr/Sonarr need the correct permissions on both the Remote Path and Local Path.

ruTorrent settings


I recommend turning on the autounpacking function. Sometimes a series/movie will be split up into many smaller files using “WinRAR Split Compressed Archive files”. Sonarr/Radarr dosen’t know what to do with theses files, so you need your seedbox to unpack all the different files and merge them into a .mp4/.mkv ect.

Ratio groups

I have turned on ratio groups. This is so files get removed and deleted after a certian time period/upload %. This way, you can save space space on your seedbox and you don’t have to manually remove files.


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