How to disable Internet Explorer redirects to the new Microsoft Edge with GPO

This is a guide on how to stop Internet Explorer from redirecting websites to Microsoft Edge.

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The problem

Microsoft is now pushing the new Microsoft Edge very aggressively, because Internet Explorer will be retiring on June 15, 2022.

One of the things they are doing is redirecting some sites to Edge when viewed in Internet Explorer. You might not be ready for that yet, so here is a guide on how to stop it.

1. Install the Microsoft Edge ADMX files

You will need to install an extension to the default Group Policy, to be able to control Microsoft Edge on your clients.

1.1 You can download the files here.

There are multiple ways of storing your ADM/ADMX files, it can be stored on a central share, or in the PolicyDefinitions folder on each Domain Controller.

In my case, it’s just stored in the PolicyDefinitions folder.

1.2 Open the zipped folder you downloaded in 1.1.

Copy msedge.admx, msedgeupdate.admx and msedgewebview2.admx into %SystemRoot%\PolicyDefinitions.

Copy en-US\msedge.adml, en-US\msedgeupdate.adml, en-US\msedgewebview2.adml into %SystemRoot%\PolicyDefinitions\en-US

2. Configure the GPO setting

Navigate to Computer/User Configuration > Administrative templates > Microsoft Edge.

Find the setting named “Redirect incompatible sites from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge”.

You need to enable the setting and chose Disabled under “Redirect incompatible sites from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge” as shown in the second picture above.

3. Done

Do a quick restart or gpupdate /force.

Open your Microsoft Edge, go into settings, look under Default Browser.

Your “Let Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge” should now look like this one below, on your clients.

To find the setting

Since it’s a policy setting, the end-user can not change it.

4. Testing

If you go to before you apply the GPO, you should be redirected from Internet Explorer to Edge.

Try again after you have applied the GPO. You should now be able to browse Facebook in Internet Explorer.


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