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This post will give you information on how to easily run complicated and long Powershell scripts with Zabbix without using any escape characters.

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This is the most painless way to run Powershell scripts on Zabbix Agents

So you want to garter some information on your Windows hosts, that the Zabbix agent does not support or you just want to manipulate the data being returned. Time for Powershell.

You can use or User parameters to execute commands via the Zabbix agent.
They are almost the same thing.

I like, because with you manage the commands/script in the Zabbix GUI. Where as with User parameters you control it on the host itself.

It can be a little bit tiring working with Powershell and Zabbix, because you have to use escape characters in the Item key. But i got a trick so that we can avoid that.

Setting up the Item

The trick for avoiding escape characters is to convert your Powershell script into a base64 dump, which you then supply in the item key.

$myScriptPath = ".\testScript.ps1"
$getContent = Get-Content $myScriptPath
$base64 = [Convert]::ToBase64String([Text.Encoding]::Unicode.GetBytes($getContent))
write-host $base64

Then you take that base64 output and input it in your item key like shown below.[powershell.exe -noprofile -nologo -encodedCommand "paste base64 output in here"]

Allow the key

Add the item key to the configuration file on all the hosts that the item will be added to.

You can allow all keys in the configuration file via[*], however that is not recommended.

Every time i add a new item or make changes to an item with, i have to make changes in the configuration file on all the hosts, that’s just how it is due to security.

CLI XML (might not be needed)

If the output contains cli xml text, then you need to use preprocessing to get the value.

So add preprocessing step and use \d+ and \0 as parameters.


It works!

Decoding the script

If you ever need to decode the script, then go to and choose UTF-16LE as source character set.


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